When can I Train? We have over 40 Crossfit
Classes A Week

CrossFit Classes produce elite results by effectively combining power lifting, gymnastics, running, rowing and other functional fitness movements. CrossFit is the program of choice for many firefighters, MMA fighters, Olympians, Special Forces personnel, triathletes, and everyday people looking to achieve elite levels of fitness. Training sessions at Reebok CrossFit Reading are designed to push you and improve your fitness based on your starting ability meaning that anyone can take part. Sessions focus on proper execution of all movements to achieve an all round level of cardio fitness, strength and stamina.

Dropping In:

If you are visiting the area for business or leisure and want to drop in for a session we would love to see you! Give us a call or drop us an email to book into one of our classes. Drop in prices are £10/session.


This is a fun and frantic workout where you complete a workout as team. This could be in pairs or in other team formations. 


Which is a class that doesn’t involve any Barbell or high skill movements. This is a 45 min class and is ideal for you to get a guaranteed tough session without the slower focus on skilled movements. This is not by any means an easier version of CrossFit, it just allows you to work hard at more simpler movements. 


Is great for working core and upper body strength. This class is applicable for all peak time memberships.


This class is an Olympic Lifting focussed class. It is typically attended by those who have been doing CrossFit a while and have now built on some experience in Olympic Lifting.


This class focusses on baselining the fundamental lifts and teaching you some new movements to build strength, power and muscle. 


Available to Unlimited and Off Peak members only. This session is for you to do the Plus programming on top of the normal whiteboard sessions. It includes extra endurance work, strength and skill specific development programmes such as pull ups, muscle ups and handstand push ups. 


Range of Motion Workout. This is typically a 30-40 minute mobility session which will help you to mobilise, work on your flexibility and help recover from strength training. ROM WOD is available to Unlimited and Off Peak Memberships. 


This is the same as our regular CrossFit classes but our Teens will be allowed to attend. This is great opportunity to get an early evening workout completed or if you’re a parent and would like to train at the same time as your child. Remember that this class is also for adults!

Like what you see? Enjoy a FREE 60 minute training session and see if CrossFit® is for you.